Don’t touch our CPP

As a former federal Member of Parliament, Jason Kenney has the richest pension plan of any Alberta politician. He’s set for life.

Most of us will have to live on the modest Canada Pension Plan (CPP). But Jason Kenney wants to take Alberta out of CPP and start a small, unstable Alberta plan.

Your MLA can stop him in the Legislature. Call your MLA and tell them you’re against leaving CPP.

Some talking points to consider:

  • Jason Kenney may have a rich, gold-plated pension plan, but I don’t. 
  • I’m counting on CPP for retirement. I don’t want Kenney messing with it. 
  • I know our pensions would either get cut to pay for it, cost more, or both.
  • Your government’s study says leaving CPP would cost $133.1 billion, tripling Alberta’s debt. I’m not okay with this. 
  • I refuse to give up my CPP because Jason Kenney wants to distract from the hundreds of thousands of jobs he’s destroyed.


Call your MLA right now: